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Oriental Herbal Medicine


As the largest organized herbal system in existence today, Chinese Herbal Medicine is a natural therapeutic modality, mostly composed of plants and minerals, which has evolved over 5,000 years of practical application and study. Not only is it a frontline intervention used in China and most of Asia, it is recognized all over the world, because it is a very powerful form of therapy that can be used for treating or enhancing the treatment of almost any condition.

Before antibiotics and pharmaceuticals were developed, herbal medicine was the main medicinal used for people to stay healthy and to recover from diseases.

Chinese herbs are usually prescribed together to create a formula, rather than being used separately as a single herb. By combining many herbs, the patient’s whole constitution can be treated to promote health in all parts of the body, and not just the patient’s chief complaint. The greatest advantage of this is to allow well-train practitioners to formulize an herbal prescription that is tailored to the patient’s individualized needs and body type.

Often, several pharmaceutical prescriptions are given to address each condition that a patient may have; however, in Chinese Medicine, the patient may only be prescribed one Chinese herbal formula that covers all of the conditions at once. This subtle difference is what makes Chinese medicine unique unto itself. By diagnosing each patient into a constitutional pattern, rather than separate conditions, a patient can be treated holistically.

At the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinic, our patients can have access to this powerful form of medicine, in addition to the benefits from acupuncture, because we have our very own dispensary on site and trained practitioners available for consultation.

We provide a special powder form of the herbs to make usage extremely easy and convenient. Ready-made pill forms are also available, along with other herbal products.

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