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  • Welcome to South Hill Acupuncture Clinic

    We are a Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic that provides full acupuncture services and Chinese herbs. The practitioner has 20 years of experience in treating a wide variety of health problems. We are committed to promoting your well-being and attain optimum health by providing you with high quality services. We will assist you in resolving your health problems and strive to meet each person’s needs.

    Welcome to South Hill Acupuncture Clinic
  • Oriental Herbal Medicine

    As the largest organized herbal system in existence today, Chinese Herbal Medicine is a natural therapeutic modality, mostly composed of plants and minerals, which has evolved over 5,000 years of practical application and study. Not only is it a frontline intervention used in China and most of Asia, it is recognized all over the world, because it is a very powerful form of therapy that can be used for treating or enhancing the treatment of almost any condition.

    Oriental Herbal Medicine
  • Chronic Pain

    Millions of Americans are suffering from all kinds of pain each year. No matter how severe or minor ache these pain are, any discomfort on a part of the body could negatively affect the quality of one’s life. Pain not only frustrates and depresses the person with pain but often affects others around the person.

    Chronic Pain
  • Women Health

    A women’s body goes through many different cycles throughout a lifetime due to the constant change of hormones. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are found to be remarkably effective in treating a wide variety of health problems that could arise during any of the phases.

    Women Health
  • Office Location

    Our office is located at southern Puyallup. 16515 Meridian E. Ste. 200B, South Hill. The medical building name is Meridian Professional Campus, which is right cross the street from the Walmart Super-center in South Hill.

    Office Location
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